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Hi! Im Lizee. Your Idaho wedding photographer!

And this is my family! Just missing Max (hes the crazy dog that'll never sit still!

First off, I love being your Jackson Hole Elopement Photographer, Idaho Wedding Photographer, Idaho Family Photographer, Idaho Elopement Photographer, and Idaho Senior Photographer!

I seriously LOve my job! I don't know that many people can say that, but because of my amazing clients I can!

This is me.

Hi! I am so excited you're here! A little bit about me! I am a mother to 2 (one with fur & one without)! I am married to the man I tried everything to get out of a first date with :) (sorry babe!)! Long story lol! I love to cook and bake (just not the cleaning part that comes after it)! I also love to throw partys! Its currently December and I'm already choosing a theme for Londys 2nd birthday party (THATS IN JULY).. I'm thinking Safari themed! I love to throw dinner partys because I get to break out my pretty dishes! I love to try and be crafty! By that I mean I have these awesome ideas and picture how they're going to turn out in my head but sometimes they just don't turn out how I pictured they would lol! I love the outdoors however the outdoors don't love me as much as I love them! So if you see me popping a pill (its just allergy medicine i promise!!!!) and spraying some really smelly perfume (mosquito spray!) just know its like a routine for me lol! I love love love the rain! Im the person out there in their puddle boots splashing around! I love it so much I still don't even own an umbrella! I love getting to meet new people and make new friends! I am a sucker for any and all things sweet, as a former dental assistant I am aware its not good for my teeth yes! To ease your cavity concerns yes I do brush 2x per day in small circles and flossing... occurs most days... okay lets be honest I floss while i'm driving and outside of that I just suck at it! & techniqually chocolate melts off your teeth instead of sticking to them like gummy treats do so its one of the best things to eat! You're welcome! I also enjoy doing dishes, laundry, shoveling snow, picking up the house a billion times a day, and sleeping! Quiz time: which one of those do I ACTUALLY enjoy? Yep. Shoveling snow lol!

This is us.

Kollin and I have been together for almost 4 years and married almost 3! We''ve been through 1 appartment, 2 houses, 7 moves, and 4 vwhicles! We curretly have a 1 year old baby girl together and a almost 1 year old Standard poodle! Kollin is a sheriffs deptuty for our local sheriffs office and loves it! He is also a memeber on the Nation Guard which he will be completing his 6 year term here in the next few months and we're super excited about that! The crazy schedules of both those jobs together are just hard! We love to play games together! Our newest game, Storm Chasers, has become a favorite! We LOVE Uno Flip! Apparently I cheat when we play Monopoly so we can't play that one.... SO I BOUGHT THE CHEATERS EDITION!!!!!!!
I am very thankful for all he does for me supporting me in this business! He is a troper through all the late night editing, late night uploads, and canceled plans because I've got to get a gallery out! He is the best dad any little girl could ask for! She is going to have some pretty high standards! He is also the sweetest, most caring human I've ever met, and the hardest worker to provide for his family! Love you babe!

This is Londyn.

Londyn is 1 going on 16! She is such a fun and mischievous toddler! She keeps me on my toes each and every day! She is a firm lover of Puppy Pals & Incredibles 2! She loves all things fruit & meat! Veggies not really her thing! Her bestest friend ever is her dog, Max! She ca't sleep without her K-9  puppy dog stuff animal (little police dog we got as a fundraiser)! She talks non stop and learns new words every day! She is loving her first winter and getting pulled around in the sled! She loves the bath tub most days and loves to help me with cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry! She has such a fun and sassy personality and I am so incredibly lucky to be her mama! 

A little about Max! Max is an almost 1 year old standard poodle! He is an amazing dog for Londyn! She sits on him, pulls his hair, loves to put his leash on him and walk him around the house, loves to lay on him, give him treats, and hates when he's outside! He is very much a Gardner (listens and minds when its convenient for him)! He has officially began trying to mark his territory which may be the death of me.. I see a neuter in his future soon! He has more energy then he knows what to do with and hates to be away from Londyn!

This is all of us.

This is all of us together! I love my little family and am so so thankful they are mine for the rest of my life! We enjoy cooking together, playing games, dance party's, and lots of other stuff! We get to go on our very first vacation as a family of three in 2024 and are so excited!!!  

Hi, hi, hi! I'm stoked you're here! I'm Lizee Gardner, Owner, CEO, Bookkeeper, social media person, and creator of Lizee Gardner Photography (duhhh it's in the name!)! Okay now enough of me trying to be funny! But seriously why did the banana go to the Dr? Because he wasn't peeling well. lollll!!! Anyways... 

I never expected I'd be where i am today! taking pictures was always just a hobby for me! it wasn't until i had my baby and the thought of going back to work and putting her in daycare became a nightmare for me. i reached out to a friend that had made a name for herself as a photographer! after talking with her about it i was ready to take on the world.. issue was i knew nothing! I knew nothing about camera settings, how to run a business, or edit pictures! lucky for me that friend jumped in and said i'll mentor you! she'd never mentored before so she said i would be her first project! She helped me through everything and took me to my first wedding that i got to second shoot with her! That where my love of weddings and elopements started! then afer a while i met another photographer and we just clicked! i decided to do a mentorship through her and am currently starting another one through her! She has been amazing to helpme better my business and skills! I met one other photographer and also did a 1 day mentorship hrough her and learned a lot about editing! I have really put my heart and soul into this business! i have dedicated countless hours to be the best photographer i can be for you!
I started this business on the sole purpose of meeting YOU! I love people and I love pictures so what so better than to throw two of my favorite things together and make my dream job come to life! Whether its capturing the perfect day for your wedding or the perfect day of the new addition to your family, I'm here for it and I would love to be apart of it! I know picking the right photographer is huge. You want someone who is going to hype you up, knows what they're doing, and isn't going to make things awkward (no one likes awkward). I like to meet with my clients over Zoom or phone call and have them do a Questionnaire  before our initial meeting at their session! because 1. I can cater the session towards you 2. I have an idea of things you may like and may not like 3. it just makes things less award if you've met the person whose going to have a camera pointed at your face for an hour lol!

I love what I do and getting to meet so many different individuals! It truly is what makes this job 100% worth doing! I cannot wait to meet you and be a little part of your journey in this crazy thing we call life!! 

This is the business

Lizee Gardner Photographer
also known as LGP!

Are you ready to say yes to LGP?!

If you already love me as much as I already love you?! Then I cannot wait to meet you and be your destination wedding photographer!

Lets get started!

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