Hello! I'm Lizee your Idaho Photographer!

This is me.

Hi! I am so excited you're here! A little bit about me! I am a mother to 2 (one with fur & one without)! I am married to the man I tried everything to get out of a first date with :) (sorry babe!)! Long story lol! I love to cook and bake (just not the cleaning part that comes after it)! I also love to throw partys! Its currently December and I'm already choosing a theme for Londys 2nd birthday party (THATS IN JULY).. I'm thinking Safari themed! I love to throw dinner partys because I get to break out my pretty dishes! I love to try and be crafty! By that I mean I have these awesome ideas and picture how they're going to turn out in my head but sometimes they just don't turn out how I pictured they would lol! I love the outdoors however the outdoors don't love me as much as I love them! So if you see me popping a pill (its just allergy medicine i promise!!!!) and spraying some really smelly perfume (mosquito spray!) just know its like a routine for me lol! I love love love the rain! Im the person out there in their puddle boots splashing around! I love it so much I still don't even own an umbrella! I love getting to meet new people and make new friends! I am a sucker for any and all things sweet, as a former dental assistant I am aware its not good for my teeth yes! To ease your cavity concerns yes I do brush 2x per day in small circles and flossing... occurs most days... okay lets be honest I floss while i'm driving and outside of that I just suck at it! & techniqually chocolate melts off your teeth instead of sticking to them like gummy treats do so its one of the best things to eat! You're welcome! I also enjoy doing dishes, laundry, shoveling snow, picking up the house a billion times a day, and sleeping! Quiz time: which one of those do I ACTUALLY enjoy? Yep. Shoveling snow lol!

I am so excited to get to work with you!!!!!

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